The chosen one

Me: “I have a dream to be more useful to in society. I don’t want to die just like that.”

Husband: “…”

Me: “You have legacy already, your papers published everywhere.”

Husband: “…”

Me: “While me, still doing many things to know what my life mission really is. I won’t stop searching until I find it.”

Husband: “…”

Me: “That’s why I join Lavender. Maybe this is my way”

Husband: “…”

Me: “Sometimes I feel closer and get more learning from the people in my WA contacts. My surrounding like to gossip, and I don’t like gossiping.”

Husband: “You are the chosen one. You, with your education background, are the chosen one. The environment you live in is given by God, and still you are the chosen one. Thus why, don’t avoid the environment that is given for you, because you are the chosen one to change them. We have to think how to deal with them, but avoiding them is not the solution. That is the common failure of intellectual people: they fail to socialize, they fail to mingle. They search the environment they think fit with them, and that is a failure. That’s my failure too. We are the chosen one, that’s why we have to learn to change and be the agent of change.”

Me: “…”


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