My forever love

A very important lesson that I learn from my parent is no matter how old you are, challenges will always follow.

If we ever think that the older the person, the less problem they have. I’m sorry my dear, it’s wrong. Or if it’s only me who think so, then I’m wrong.

For my parents, the challenges are real. They face health, psychology, economy challenges. And everytime I think of that, I can’t hold my tears.

That is why I really fight for them, provide what they need, and ask what they want to be happy. And I see them happy when they see me coming home.

But I have to manage this mellow feeling to gratitude feeling. So, let’s count the blessings:

1. I am able to understand what’s important in old life: a good family relationship, health, investment, and God in heart, and mind.

2. I can serve and love them even more

3. They show me the do’s and don’ts in building family and husband-and-wife life

4. I call them every day

5. I see them almost every week

6. I can make them smile 

7. I pray for them deeply

8. They are my home and heaven

May Allah guides and protects you both Mah, Pak. 

I love you. More than words can say ❤️


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