Hold satisfaction technique

Many times in life we react spontaneaously on the action that is happening to us, or around us. We give comment instantly on some incomplete information we hear, we complain on the task that is given to us without knowing the reason why that is given to us, we underestimate other’s decision because it’s different from us. 

I see it every day. And I’m sick of it. Sometimes I’m sick of them.

*curhat* :)

But, life is fuuuullll of techniques so that we can go with the flow of life smoothly, calmly, and gratefully.

The technique of hold satisfaction.

It’s so effective yet powerful to influence people to understand/do what we tell them. It works like this, everytime you have something important to tell and you expect them to understand, you must hold yourself until the time is right. You must hold your satisfaction to release what’s in your heart and mind. 

Wait until the person you want to talk with, feel relax, happy, calm. After eating is almost always a good time. Because when people feel relax, their brainwave is in around beta wave, which is an ideal condition to influence people.

Make sure you speak efficiently. Don’t talk out of the context. Make it short, clear, and say what you really want. By doing it quickly, it will not give burden the person you talk with and you make the conversation really light. Talk to them by looking at their eyes. Make a gesture so that your body language supports what you’re saying. 

After you finish, say thanks for listening/aggreeing what you want. 
See the result. 

For me, It works for me.. Like everytime. 


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