The risks on doing good things

How would it feels if some people keep coming to you, ask for your help, opinion, money, time (you feel so happy helping them because helping others is one of you life mission), but apparently what you have given is not taken into account, appreciated, or acknowledge. How would it feels to you after some times being in that circle?

Tell me.

I’m in the edge of doubt on doing good things to them because I feel less-appreciated, ignored, not heard. But they keep coming to me. I feel my patience fades, and my willingness to help weaken.

“Those are the risks on doing good things“, says a book.

Maybe I need to just watch them from distance and pray for them. Hope everything turns good and they can be better afterward. :)

Anyway, Neng… you must help me.


One thought on “The risks on doing good things

  1. sicantik June 22, 2015 / 10:28 am

    first,…sometimes doing good things doesnt mean doing the right thing, rite?
    my point is sometimes the good things that we think will help others actually does not help them at all, for instance giving money to the beggars :) and also we cant help someone who dont want to help themselves.

    second, we all human… that means we need appreciation but it doesnt mean that kind of feeling become our purpose, and if we put our appreciation from the way people treated us back, i think we will soon have a bitter heart.
    i remember a wise man once says “And if you are kind and good and do favors to and benefit those who are kind and good and do favors to and benefit you, what quality of credit and thanks is that to you?, everybody does that” hehehe

    for short… dont separate good deeds with the right deeds, tied them together and you cant be wrong.
    they dont appreciate you? there’s unseen appreciation given from the universe for you, we may not see it but doesnt mean it doesnt there.
    Yes it’s hard but the that’s the only way to make our heart grow bigger, stronger and softer.

    selamat belajar

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