For several weeks I’ve been dealing with the inner issue: lack of appreciation.

After I pray, God gives me clues:

They aren’t here for you. But you are here for them.

I’m here for something, someone, maybe for some people.

If I feel enough with everything in me, I wouldn’t search for any higher pride of usefulness, kindness, or anything.

I’m more than enough. It’s time to return the goodness God has given to me. 

Every little things matter. Every little things are continous gift. Every little things are proof that God loves me so much.

That little consistent gifts are like my family’s safety, healthy body, a home, friends, car, food to have everytime, and more and more bonuses.

It’s more than enough to be grateful for family’s safety and healthy body in the end of a day.

Once I feel enough then any recognition will no longer needed.

Thank You Allah.. Thank You. 


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