Wait, God

Wait, God

I’m still figuring out Your messages.

Hold, God.

I’m still searching for Your answers.

Please don’t let me ruin this, God.

This moment is too precious to be skipped without change, without lesson, without blessing to others.

And I’m still transforming to become what You want me to be God.

Please, give me some moreย time to be your devoted slave.

Don’t stop me, God.

I’m not finish yet. I’m not there yet.

I know I’m slow. Sometimes I’m stubborn. Many times I push everything and everyone to do what I think is right.

That’s scared me, to think that I am always right.

Please guide me, God.

Please trust me too, God.

Just like every single day I command myself to put trust on You, for whatever happen and whatever reason.

But, if in any circumstance Youย say I must stop.

I will.

I will stop. With all my heart I will obey and embrace.

But one thing,ย my fight will not stop.


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