Grateful for being disliked

Went back from umroh, everything was fine, the holy journey was beyond words to described. Alhamdulillah.. Thank You Allah for everything happened recently and tomorrow to come.

While deep inside my heart I am still mourned for my Mother’s lost, I faced some situations that nobody understand that I am still mourning. Yes, nobody needs to know anyway, not even my father or my husband.

While I’m looking for another heart to lay, just like I lay my heart on my mother’s, some people just don’t like my being around them. I can say this because their attitudes, their thoughts that come in words to another person about me, and foremost their ignorance toward me.

In some point, I am grateful for being ignored and disliked because I know to treat people more nicely, I can make them as my mirror, and I understand even just for a super little what fight that Rasulullah SAW faced. Haven’t said that my sins will be transfered to them (Aamiin for that).

Whoever doesn’t like you, they don’t know you. (Mom)

Anyway, who I can trust besides my mother?
But, I forgive you. I’ll blow you away and pour you with kindness, so you know what my Allah SWT, my Rasulullah SAW, and my parents have taught me. :)


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