Letter #4: your stuff

Assalamualaikum Mah,

How are you there? I miss you. We miss you. You’re still our favorite topic to talk about. Your kindness, your presence in our dreams, your stuff.

Mah, Bapak is preparing for moving to Semarang. As it’s one of his dream and he cannot bear to live in this house without you, or maybe too many memories of you in this house, in this city that in every single corner reminds him of you. 

Mah, I help Bapak to pack, arrange, and organize your stuff. Apparently it’s not easy to look, touch, and feel about the stuff you keep for years. My heart cries everytime I think about what you do with this stuff. The stuff from me, I know you keep and use it forever. I want you to know that I am a happy daughter, Mah. 

I often find your writings on a piece of paper or in a book which contain of Asmaul Husna and the definition, the du’as for you to be strong and for us, the english lesson you take I don’t know from where, the food recipes, the songs lyric. Those writings show how your willingness to learn is huge from any sources. You learn from internet, books, even from me. How humble and strong your heart is, Mah. I’m really sorry that I don’t help you when you learn those things. 

Mah, some things have changed in me: the way I talk, the way I think, the way I feel. I learned it from you, Mah. Bapak has changed too. He’s finally changed becoming a better person, a person you always pray for. Your wish has come true, I’m so happy for you Mah. Allah SWT hears us.

Bapak & I both have plan to do some thing for you. I hope we can make it. 

I hope all our prayers comfort, warm, and light you just like we do when you’re still here with us. 

I love you.

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