How media has changed us.

It changes our way of thinking about what is beautiful.

It changes our way of seeing what is happiness.

It changes our way of feeling grateful.

Media has determined us.

When knowing and putting make up on means beautiful.

When being exist travelling and active updating in social media means happiness.

When having complete family, boy/girlfriend, lots of gifts means grateful.

Media has formed us.

Peace means yoga.

Love means spouse.

Blessed means having kids.

Media has dictated us.

To be exist in social media.

To buy and eat the most happening food.

To put make up on.

While I’m sure some of those might help us to feel grateful, blessed, peace, loved, etc.

But I’m afraid if I’m not that good or smart enough to manage my heart, I will become someone who doesn’t feel enough with what I have, doesn’t feel content.

Oh how media has big impact nowadays. 

And I’m so afraid of small interventions it gives to me


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