Ibu Susy

She’s my boss since I moved here in Tangerang.

Since day one I met her, she not changed. She’s still pretty as the first time I saw her coming to the room.

I’ve known her for 2,5 years now and she’s been through many things.

She’s been through 2 major surgeries for her breast cancer in Singapore, several times of chemotherapy in Jakarta, and uncounted blood tests. She lost all the hairs and weights.

And she survived all those phase. She made it.

She’s been running for 15 k, 17.5 k, and 21 k. She runs for the joy of her life.

Not mentioning her study for doctoral degree in UI, and pass all the tests in a good marks.

She strives for international bid to bring Indonesia to become the host of The 9th World Environmental Education Congress in Bali for 2019 among all the countries in the world. She connects all the stakeholders from the academician, the capital owner, the committee, the leaders in this organization, and the Minister.

And she won it. Indonesia won the bid. Indonesia will held international conference in Bali on 2019, InsyaAllah. It’s all from her big ideas to make Indonesia significant in the eyes of the world.

And another amazing little things she’s done and affect me, or everybody in her circles.

I’m inspired so much.

I am witnessing all the ideas come from her lips with soft voice. Every moves she make (since her desk is in front of me) to make every task delegated and delivered well. Every Zuhur and Ashar prays she made peacefully. Every little gratitude comes every time she sees the food coming or the money she receives. Every make up she puts before she meets guest, after she prays, after she eats, before she attends the meeting. Every self-love she gives to herself everytime she put a lotion on her hands and feet. The the room smells so nice instantly, twice a day.

Yet, she remains the same: humble and confident.

May all your positive vibes to us grant you more love and protection from ALLAH SWT.

Aamiin YRA.



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