1 August 2017


Let’s pray together, kids.

For all the patience, trials, and amazing little things that happened before this day.

Those are preparation for me to (Insyallah) raise you.



Bu Untung, manusia yang merasa paling beruntung sedunia

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Nama lengkapnya Bu Untung Ikhlas, Bu Untung, anak Pak Ikhlas. Dan sesuai namanya, Bu Untung adalah orang yang selalu merasa beruntung, seperti bapaknya yang selalu ikhlas saja menjalani hidupnya.

Bu Untung selalu bilang, “Untung ini, untung itu… ” segalanya untung.
Pagi hari diucapkannya, “Untung masih dapat satu hari lagi.”
Malam hari diucapkannya, “Untung sudah jam segini. Saatnya tidur.”
Dijalaninya hidupnya detik demi detik. Bu Untung tak pusing akan masa lalu, dan tak khawatir akan masa depan. Apapun yang terjadi detik ini semua adalah “keberuntungan” baginya. Setiap detik adalah hadiah dari Sang Maha Pemberi Detik.
“Yang sudah lewat tak bisa diulang, jadi untuk apa difikirkan? Yang depan belum terjadi dan bukan hak kita menentukan,” demikian prinsipnya.

Pernah lihat Bu Untung makan?
Pemandangan paling nikmat di dunia. Diaturnya makanannya agar ia bisa menikmati satu demi satu potongan makanannya. Nikmat sekali. Seakan dunia berhenti berputar. Siapapun yang makan bersamanya akan meraskan nikmatnya makanan…

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Ramadhan days

Indeed, time flies so fast. Just like a blink of eyes, It’s been 24th day of Ramadhan already. What have I done for almost 3 weeks? Have I done better that last Ramadhan? Have I achieved what I want to achieve in this Ramadhan? Those questions haunted me, and I feel nerves every time I reflect about it.

Maybe I have done less better this year because I am very busy with new house, new neighbor, hampers preparation, family picture preparation on Eid, breaking the fast together with cousins and friends, planning for mudik, and of course my work trip. God, now I know why my feet feel so tired everytime I woke up for sahoor


Although I try to strive for ibadah sunnah during my busyness, but still, there are two days I skipped tarawih because I was super tired and the time showed midnight already. I let my tarawih done in my dream :(.

Maybe I have mixed prioritize in this Ramadhan, not like the last year when I was so focus on khataming my Quran from Juz 1 to Juz 30. Alhamdulillah Allah made me achieve my target last year. Praise to Allah. I don’t know when I will be able to do it again. But this year, maybe Allah directs me to go through times and still remember that “this month is Ramadhan, Nahdya. It’s Ramadhan.“. Maybe that’s why I am always able to wake up for sahoor at 3.30 and cook. OMG, I can’t believe myself! Or maybe that is why I am so eager to cook at home most of the days, so my husband and I can break the fast together at home. Or maybe that’s why all stuffs I mentioned above going well and I still have time to read Quran. Or maybe that’s why I could plan the trip for my brother and sister who are finally come to celebrate Eid in my Father’s house in Semarang and we will have a long roadtrip. Or maybe any other else a good reasons beyond in this hectic holy month.

I may not achieve my target this Ramadhan. My target is much simple than last year: to do all the sholat sunnah or at least tarawih fully in this Ramadhan. It’s clear, I missed two days already. But I achieve so many more that I didn’t plan before. I hope.. really hope Allah directs me just like I feel which are, I’m getting better in serving my families, waking up in the morning and cook (!), cleaning up the house, and showing better attitudes at work (I really have issue with someone at the office.. you can imagine the drama).

I hope Allah sees me and happy with what I did. It’s always based on His Name I take my every step.


Since it’s everyday I meet her, I try to forgive her everyday.

I try to forgive her to the gossip she makes out of everyone.

I try to forgive her to the bad thought she has for everyone.

I try to forgive her by not making a good example of someone they call “boss”.

I try to forgive her for the hypocrite side of her every time she talks about religion and then she lies to cover her attitude.

The lies.. OMG.. Those lies..

I try to forgive her for the ignorance she cause by giving negative energy to us.

I try to forgive her every single day.

I am not wanting her around my life for now.

Please please protect me, Allah.


Once in a while

A few days ago I cried again because I was out of town and felt so sick and yet still have to work. I had a fever, sore throat, and headache. All I wanted to do was laying on bed and close my eyes, but someone forced me to join the event because she said it will be a chaos without me and so on. So I did it.

The next morning, on my way home I couldn’t make any talks because I save that talking energy to get home safely. As planned for days, I slept all days for three days and felt energized this morning. Alhamdulillah.

Since I become more aware of my body, I notice that whenever I feel stress, my gastric acid is up to my throat which cause sore throat, to the lungs which cause hard to breathe, and to somewhere-I-don’t-know which cause me cough. I start to know whether it is from virus or from the gastric acid.


It’s good to be “sick” once in a while. Hopefully it will make us more aware of our body, our sins, our stress, our secret sadness, and our God.

What I tell you

And again, I tell you to not see others in negative way.

I tell you to hold your words, before you’re finished filtering what will come out from your mouth.

I tell you to remember that some persons do love you unconditionally, so don’t play a game.

I tell you to use your ears (too), not just your mouth.

I tell you to always be grateful, and being grateful means you take care what you have.

I tell you to control your emotion, before you hurt others.

I tell you to be honest, always and forever.