Menembus ke langit

Di setiap keinginanku, ada doanya yang menembus langit menemui Tuhan untuk meminta ijinNya. 

Di setiap ujian sekolahku, ada puasanya yang dikhususkan sambil menyebut namaku untuk merayu Tuhan agar aku lulus ujian.

Di setiap langkah besarku, ada ucapan janji bahwa dia akan meminta Tuhan untuk memberikan yang terbaik untukku.

Baginya, tak butuh tangga untuk menuju Tuhan, doanya sudah menembus ke langit. Melesat seperti kilat yang akhirnya mewujud kehidupanku. 

Terima kasih atas setiap doa, Mah. 

All has come true.

All has come true.

sleep tight, Mom

Sleep tight, Mom.

No words can hurt you now.

You are taken care with so much love now.

Sleep tight, Mom.

You don’t need to hear any negative comments now.

You are more protected by Allah now.

Sleep tight, Mom.

Listen to Qur’an, good music, and beautiful prayers from people who love you.

Be happy in your dreams.

Sleep tight, Mom.

Allah knows best for you, my beautiful soul.

I miss you, Mom

I miss your big smile

I miss the way you laugh at anything

I miss your stories

I miss your voice

I miss your attention

I miss phone call

I miss your text

I miss our activity together

I miss you in every corner of Jakarta, Yogya, Bandung, Manado, Netherland

I miss every single thing about your soul

I miss you every day, Mom

Get well soon, Mom.

When I have children

When I have children, I want them to grow up knowing what kind of trees are they’re passing .

When I have children, I want them to grow up touching the leaves, hugging the trees, and walking bare foot on a grass without shoes or sandals.

When I have children, I want them to know how the real shape of the food they eat; the spinach plants, the carrots, and all the kinds of peanuts.

I want them to grow up together not only with their parents, grandmother and grandfather, friends; humans.

But also they grow up together with the trees, plants, animals.

So they know

So they understand

That there is something big outside them.

So they know and understand that the plants cannot grow without sun and water.

So they know and understand that the fruits cannot be that sweet without good soil and fresh air.

So they know and understand that they have to preserve the environment; the water, the air, the soil.

When I have children, I want them to not only understand what math is or science or english.

I want them to have all that knowledge and still be humble because they know that they are nobody without their parents, family, friends, nature, and something bigger than them.


Some friends ask me “how do you feel after married?” And my answer is always “it’s fun! I learn new things, face more challenges. But I still can have fun with it.” :)

It’s not me alone who make this 3 months count. But him too. The energy which I don’t know where he gets from, the happiness he always share, the kindness, the recipes (ehehe), the guidance. It’s from him I can answer such type of question with the word “fun”.

Happy 3rd monthversary, husband, love, lover, mentor, new best friend, imaam! :*