small programs

As one of the goal in my blessing project is to have a program in some period of time, I’d like to talk about the program that I’ve set and done. The first program is a program to khatam reading Quran during Ramadhan month. Although I didn’t reach the goal to finish 30 juz within 30 days, but thank God I reached the juz of 20th. For me it’s an achievement. I never determined to read Quran intensly during Ramadhan. So, I hope the last Ramadhan was better than before :)

The second program I tried to make is to visit museum in my city. Oh well.. I don’t like museum. Museum was never been in my list to be visited whenever I travel. For me, museum was boring. In addition, I hate the history subject at school. But as I want to have many perspectives in life, the easiest way to do is reverse the habit. :D. And here I am. Have visited 5 museums within a month! I’m surprised I can bear the visit. :D

The lessons I got from having this goal are I really do get many insights, knowledge, and learn new things which open my mind. I also can endure my flexibility of what I like and I don’t like. The best impact is this habit keeps on going with me. I keep reading Quran everyday and every time I read news or subject related to history, somehow the connection starts to make link from what I’ve learned when I visited museums. I think that’s a good habit to keep.

While my job is becoming busier and my mind is occupied by unimportant things, I want to make a new program. I am interested in doing yoga regularly.. like everyday. 


good monday

Good Monday everybody! Good Monday all my readers where ever you are :)

This Monday I want to share about my evaluation of the third goal of my blessing project: Give help to others. In my opinion, this goal is not that hard compared to the first and second project: to be happier and to put my family first. Then I conclude maybe there are aspects in my life that I can run it smoothly and some aren’t. By identifying and experiencing one by one, I’m sure which aspect I should work on and which aspect that is already good enough. From three goals, the first one is the hardest one. Why? Maybe all of this time I’m stimulated more from the outside than the inside. I am happy because of person, situation, facility, etc makes me happy and I’m lack of motivation to make myself happier. But I’ve resolved that already. I make some effort to achieve it. I read books, articles, do what makes me happy and get rid what makes me sad. Alhamdulillah many times it worked and some times it failed either. :)

The second thought is about surrender. I’ve reached a point where surrender is my first weapon to get through life. If something is meant to be, then be it. And if it doesn’t then it must be for the best. :)

The last thought is about to see the beauty of every emotion, to care about people’s emotion, and to act the best I could in receiving that emotions. Surely there are experience behind everyone. The experience that makes them who they are now. Some people experience the bitter ones and they couldn’t let it go. Then happiness are hardly to capture. Most of the time they are victims and they don’t realize that. However, they deserve to be happy. They deserve to be healed. They deserve to be loved. They need love that don’t demand. They need love, the unconditional one. Some people could give that unconditional love, while some people don’t give a shit about that because sometimes it hurts. To give that unconditional love you have to control your expectation because expectation burdens them. And they don’t like it. They don’t like what it called “must”, “have to”, or any form of demand. They live freely. They don’t like boundary. They have their own boundary already. You have to be out of the expectation circle to love them, like you love your best friend. Be their friend. Be their best friend. A person that don’t demand but always support. Right?